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CORAX (Water Based Mold Release Agent)

CORAX Product has been exclusively used by almost all the major Korean manufacturers thanks to its excellent quality and cost saving effect. As well, CORAX Product is the one of popular environment friendly products, guaranteeing safety during the product use, which has been greatly favored by renowned customers as the representative product of J.ONE Co., Ltd. 

Features and Benefits

Excellent, Economical, Easy

■ Prevent the bubble formation and yield smooth and clear surface
■ Minimize surface defects and bug holes
■ Resist to high temperature which is generated by steam cure
■ Provide an excellent appearance without leaving any residue on concrete surface
■ Extend lifetime of formwork
■ Ready to use version, concentrate version (high dilution rate with water)
■ Elimination of health risks with petrochemicals.
■ Environmentally friendly.
■ Minimization of fire risk. 


■ 20L container, 200L drum, 1,000L IBC tank 

CON-UP (Oil Based Mold Release Agent and Others)

CON-UP Product is an oil based mold releasing agent of new, innovative idea, offered with TDA82, KX36A Oil Based Mold Releasing Agent, AVA7 Mortar Repair Adhesive, 3DA Laitance Fixative Agent and KC Admixture Agent. TDA82, KX36A Oil Based Mold Releasing Agent demonstrates highly superior quality in comparison with other conventional oil based mold releasing agents, which can be used as an excellent alternative to water based mold releasing agents under the extremely cold jobsite condition. As well, CON-UP has been favored by customers for its highly economic price and remarkable quality.

■ Oil-based mold release agent : TDA82, KX36A
■ Laitance fixative agent : 3DA
■ Mortar repair adhesive : AVA7
■ Admixture agent : KC
■ Crack repair : CR5


■ 20L container, 200L drum, 1,000L IBC tank

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